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Cineworld Redesign

Duration: 3 months | Role: Lead UX Consultant | Link: cineworld.co.uk


Major cinema chain Cineworld required a complete rethink of how they served registered customer, including how Unlimited customers managed their accounts. The ambition of the project was to better serve customers on their websites and apps so that this will reduce the pressure on call-centre staff and customer service representatives within the cinemas.

The Problem

Cineworld customers had often found conflicting account information both online and within their cinema experience. This often lead to customers calling a premium rate telephone number in order to answer common questions, such as updating their Unlimited account home address and contact details. This was not only costly and time consuming for the customer but also extremely expensive for Cineworld to maintain these support channels.

The Solution

By gaining a deeper understanding of the needs of customers, we was able to design an account area that better served the most common support needs. These included updating their contact details, making changes to their Unlimited subscriptions and an area to manage their movie reviews.

My Role

Senior UX designer and research assistant working alongside a senior researcher, visual designer, Cineworld’s own design team, project stakeholders and project managers. Quite often the project required me to be the main point of contact for stakeholders which meant running workshops, gathering requirements and facilitating sign-off sessions.


The project required a high level of collaboration between the design team and stakeholders which meant facilitating workshops and co-design sessions. To gain a better understanding of the challenges involved, it meant spending time interviewing Cineworld stakeholders, speaking with call centre staff about support question they answer and conducting research sessions with existing / potential Cineworld customers about their expectations and needs.