Great Time For My TV

Great Time For My TV

17 July 2013 by Jay Heal

The last few months have been an exciting time for me on a personal front. I have welcomed my latest addition to the family, bought myself a Vespa and have been enjoying the return of a great Chelsea FC manager, Jose Mourinho. More to the point, I have been spending a little bit more of my free time doing normal things, especially during my 4 weeks paternity leave. I found that I had burnt out design and music wise. So felt, I should spend a little more time doing things every other person my age should be doing.

Despite hammering the PlayStation and completing various games (including Hitman Absolution, great game), I have been getting up-to-date on my favourite TV shows as well as trying out some new ones. I can not remember a time I have been so engrossed in TV shows. Not since The Sopranos have I been glued to a TV show, and at the moment I am addicted to several- Breaking Bad, Dexter, Walking Dead and Homeland. It’s a real shame that these are all U.S. imports as the UK also churns out some great drama but at least all of these have a heavy British influence. I’m finding I am juggling 3 great story plots at a single time. The real sad part of the story is that my 2 favourites are due to end this summer, Dexter and Breaking Bad. My hope that they leave me in a better place than when Tony Soprano signed off 9 years of my life with an onion ring and never answered so my questions.

The Walking Dead What I find most interesting is the way TV shows have become so popular, like I have never seen before. There are some great movies coming out that I am really looking forward to like the Robocop reboot, REC 4, World War Z and talk of a new Dredd movie. But maybe we have come to a point where a 100 minute movie does not satisfy our need for a great story and character depth. How can you empathize with a crystal meth cooking science teacher or serial killing forensic expert in a short 1 and a half hour period. Impossible. These characters on the face it are people we should truly despise if they had featured within a short 3-4 minute news clip, but yet they are asking questions about what is usually such a black and white subject. All of this storytelling at a much deeper level and quality than what I am used to.


My only hope that come the end of the year this will not spell the end of my obsession with these great TV imports. Yes I will still have the awesome Homeland and (the in need of another exciting plot) Walking Dead, but Dexter and Breaking Bad will ultimately leave a void in my week. Can anything come close? I hope so.

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