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Social Care Jobs Crisis

Duration: 3 months | Role: Service Designer


Social care within England and Wales is steadily trending towards a large deficit between those needing social care and those working within the industry. This Discovery was intended to understand the problems better, user needs and to make recommendations on whether there was sufficient evidence a service intervention could make a measurable impact.

Mapping the current social care landscape

Using insights from primary research, industry insights and policy data we mapped the overall recruitment and retention landscape. This allowed us to identify pain points within the end-to-end lifecycle and, by using quantitative data, we were able to see how wide-spread that particular issue was.

Understanding user needs

To better understand whether a service intervention is required, we mapped the analysis of all service user types and their needs. This allowed us to make a final assessment of all the service users, their current motivations and any unmet needs that would need addressing to stimulate the market further. This, in principle, would help reduce the social care jobs deficit.